About Moi

I am probably first and foremost a learner! I love to learn - about learning, learners and pretty anything else. 

I now have a Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education (CACE) from the University of Victoria. I'm working on a Certificate in ELearning from Continuing Education, University of Toronto. 

My ambitions....to be awesome at e-learning and quilting. 

My life ambition is to spread kindness, create beautiful things and find equanimity.

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  1. Hello! Just found you via your post to Canuck Quilter's 150th quilt. Celebrate Fetons 150 is wonderful and I will be following. Is your 150th Linky for Bloggers only? Or can I post my Flickr on your Linky? I have a Canadian Flag Quilt, I just finished and would love to show it to everyone. Please let me know. THANKS!