Thursday 12 June 2014

Ever After?

It's been almost a year... and I was stumped.

I thought that I would keep being inspired to keep up this blog through the fascinating world of course design. Wouldn't you know it, now that I have my certificate in Adult Ed., I'm really having a hard time finding it fascinating! Hopefully this is just temporary.

In my last post, I applied another template to my blog since I wanted to be more "serious". Well, it's just not ME! For something different, I've switched to a different template. This one looks like some wonderful batik fabric. As Oscar Wilde wrote: "Life is too important to be taken seriously", blogging, design, templates, etc.!

Since last August, I've taken another course through Continuing Education at the University of Toronto. This was Writing for the Web. Although I didn't blog throughout the course, I used it extensively to help me with my Quilting and Learning Blog. As I look back at my earlier blogs, I see the difference. It's mostly the details like:

  • creating appropriate links; 
  • knowing how to add Gadgets properly (those buttons on the left); 
  • using bullets and avoiding the "wall of words";
  • keeping a consistent style like my "What I learned" section at the end; as well as 
  • just knowing what to write about!

A recent post
One of my first posts

To continue on my learning journey, I've recently been participating in events offered by the quilting blogging community. Seeing and reading other bloggers' sites is a great way to appreciate what works from the reader's point of view. There's even a Blog Hop for new quilters hosted by Plum and June which includes advice from advanced bloggers to new bloggers. It's really great to read blogger's advice and to see these new bloggers. Getting involved is, however, a lot of work. The trick is to balance the time spent on the computer with actual quilting time.

What I learned:
  • Blogging is wonderful fun. I don't ever want to take it too seriously that I don't do it!
  • Learning can be done in so many ways, from taking a course; putting things into practice; to reading other people's blogs. 
  • Everything is so interconnected! I can use my design knowledge to create web pages and beautiful quilts as well as enjoy art more fully.