Tuesday, 4 June 2013

New and Interesting Concepts

For my Visual Design and Display of Information course, I will be keeping a blog of my learning. All I needed was an excuse for another blog. So here it is:




Light switch

This teapot, this light switch and this door have affordance..... they each have a quality about them that lets you use them to carry out an action. The teapot has a handle to hold and a spout to pour tea; the light switch can be flicked up or down to turn on or turn off the light; and the door has a handle to turn to open or close it.
How cool is that?

Word 2007 logo
So, speaking of affordance, how were we supposed to know that the logo had to be clicked when Word 2007 came out? I swear it took me days to figure it out! 
I am now going to look for affordance everywhere!

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