Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Evoking Emotions Through a Website

In our first assignment, we had to find a website that uses images to represent what Victoria Day meant to us.  To me, “Victoria Day represents all things English and Victorian. My favourite English tradition is High Tea - the beautiful restaurant setting, the elegant table of white linen and frilly china, the food that is so pretty that it can't possibly taste as good as it looks, and of course, the choice of exotic teas with amazing aromas.”
High Tea at the Ritz-Carlton
Can a website make the viewer feel these things? 
Why not? 

How does this web page make you feel? 

Does it tantalize your senses?

As we go through the course, we have to design a website using the knowledge we learn along the way. I’ll be redesigning our quilting guild’s website.
As a starting point, based on this exercise, what do the words “quilting” and “guild” represent or bring to mind? 

I think that these are some of the things that should come out through the website’s design.

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